„A painting is a bridge that connects the spirit of the painter with that of the visitor. “ 

My pictures are painted with oil and acrylic paints, finely worked with brush, finger and needle. I use canvas in square format up to a meter. 
The main motive is the fish, but there are pictures with sheep and trees motives. 
The originals you see here are some examples and are exhibited for a limited time in my gallery. In the wintertime I paint new pictures for the next season
and also your orders as requested.

One of many questions: 
Why do you paint fishes, is your zodiac sign Pisces, Jochen Maiwald?  

No, I am Aquarius. 
But as a small child I was always fascinated by the water, the soft form of the waves, the gentle movement back and forth like beautiful drawings and reflections in the light. And the fishes that „fly” in the water in their element, like the birds in the air. They float in different dimensions and can quickly change the direction. Up and down, they do loopings, to let fall and softly glide away. Fishes and birds have a gentle body shape, similar to a wave.
I remember clearly that I had many dreams of flying. I just had to run a bit faster, open my arms and already, I started to fly. Quite simple and easy to launch into the sky. I view the world from above and sometimes land on a mountain, look at the nature and start again. Like the birds, like the fish, completely freedom between sky and earth. Sometimes all fly together, sometimes alone to discover new horizons. 
Maybe this is an good explanation.