„My art symbolizes the beauty and purity of nature and life. It is art for everyone, who is willing to rediscover the small miracles
of the world in simplicity and happiness by means of positive feelings.“

Jochen Maiwald was born in 1953 in Germany/Niedersachsen. He lives and works in Spain since 1989. 
Whoever tries to classify the art of Maiwald in only one stylistic school, will very soon discover that this is impossible. It is particularly the intermingling of different modern classical and contemporary styles that makes Jochen Maiwald's work so unique and convincing. The simplicity and the modesty of the form that playfully arise before the eyes of the spectator develop a fascinating world of forms and color styles. The symbol of the fish is a repeatedly occurring element in his work. It creates associations of water - the element of life and also an early christen symbol. 

(Phillip Maiwald, Spain 1999)


From man to fish – or when a man becomes a fish 

When contemplating on the works of Jochen Maiwald, who was born under the sign of the Aquarius, the first thing that catches our attention is his great affinity for water. There are fishes everywhere!We see paintings of water, water surfaces, forms and colors, but above all, we become aware of the remarkable world of the shallows and depths of the oceans. The latter have sure often made people think also of the depths of human psyche. In the depths of human psyche we find just as many rare and strange creatures as in the oceans - dazzling beauties as well as terrible monsters. By means of the metaphor of the fish, Jochen Maiwald depicts two dimensions: The individual dimension and the social dimension of human life. As individuals, we distance ourselves from the others. As social beings, we are almost always standing on the edge between two worlds (the spiritual and material; the inner and the outside world), trying to keep a balance. Being in a group or united as a “swarm”, we benefit from the other's protection and help. The way of coping with these 2 dimensions often shows what kind of psychic “monsters” are living in our own depths. The artist is trying to show that it is just as important that we take time for ourselves, as it is to be able to integrate and to interact with other people. With his paintings, Jochen Maiwald wants to encourage us to think. He gives us a positive view on the life in the depths of human psyche, still not lacking a warm sense of humor.

(Phillip Maiwald, 2008)